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When you catch the Sniffles or LUV TRUUUUUU LUV

Everyone reacts a little differently. There are those that pretend they aren’t sick and keep going running themselves into covers taking a bit longer to attempt and recover. Then there is me that will dive bomb the covers and stay there until I start to feel human again.

Then there are those who still attempt to shower, look cute for spouses sake and try the look good to feel good technique. Me, not so much….took one shower this last weekend and made no attempt to look cute. The tissue overflow around me I’m sure helped. Wish I looked like Meg in You’ve Got Mail, but not so much.

Then there is the moment in between the sniffles, tissues and greasy hair where you husband in all seriousness still says you look hot. I think he may be a little crazy, but he was serious. Reason 156 that I love him.

What do you do when you are sick?


Random Thoughts for Thursday

Days I Don’t Want to Cook

I’m pretty sure all housewives have days that they don’t want to cook. Either a long day, don’t feel well, whatever the reason, the thought of cooking sounds horrible! My Hubby knows what he will be eating for dinner when that happens. The famous hot dogs/Chili dogs while I eat Annie’s Shells and White Cheddar with cream style corn.

Best Mac & Cheese From A Box Ever!


This morning I had to educate my Hubby on the DKHS. You might ask what that is…Designated Kleenex Holding Station. Hubby abbreviated it.  He has had the sniffles for this last week and took the kitchen box out around the house with him. I ever so politely told him that if he gets sick, he needs to grab a new box to take around the house with him, NOT to remove a box from the DKHS. He bust out laughing, I didn’t realize it was that funny.

Only the softest of kleenex for a sick Hubby!

What are your random thoughts for Thursday? Do you have a back-up meal for the nights you don’t want to cook? Do you have a DKHS or another odd little habit that you had to educate the spouse on?

Happy Thursday, Friday is almost here!