On the Bookshelf

Month of May 2011

  1. Ok to be honest I really stopped reading The Good and Beautiful God…I just couldn’t get into it. šŸ˜¦
  2. Ruth Reid ~ The Promise of an Angel (via booksneeze my first online book!)
  3. Finished The Wedding
  4. Currently reading The Skin Map by Stephen R Lawhead (via booksneeze)

Month of April 2011

  1. Max Lucado ~ Max on Life (via booksneeze)
  2. Reggie Dabbie ~ Reggie (via booksneeze)
  3. Still reading The Good and Beautiful God and Bend in the Road inbetween other books.
  4. Daddy Dates by Greg Wright (also courtesy of booksneeze…if you are a blogger check them out from my button on my home page!)
  5. Finished reading Bend in the Road from last month. (I read these books while waiting for new booksneeze books!)
  6. Starting the Wedding by Nicholas Sparks (Re-read)

Month of March 2011

  1. Karen Kingsbury ~ Take 4 (Final book in Above the Line Series)
  2. Currently reading James Bryan Smith ~ The Good and Beautiful God for our Church’s Bible Study
  3. Neta Jackson ~ Who is My Shelter (Final book I’ve been waiting for in House of Hope Series) It was amazing!
  4. SQuire Rushnell & Louise DuArt ~ Couples Who Pray (A MUST read for couples, finished in 24 hours!)
  5. Nicholas Sparks ~ A Bend in the Road (Re-read while waiting for first book from booksneeze)

Month of February 2011

  1. Karen Kingsbury ~ Found, Family, Forever (Firstborn Series)

Karen Kingsbury has 4 series that are all focused on the Baxter family and goes through all the ups and downs ofĀ  being a family. Incredible series that I’ve been hooked on since I found it.

Month of January 2011

  1. Karen Kingsbury ~ Remember, Rejoice and Reunion (Redemption Series)

Month of December 2010

  1. Karen Kingsbury ~ Take Three
  2. Karen Kingsbury ~ Redemption

Month of November 2010

  1. Nicholas Sparks ~ The Rescue
  2. Karen Kingsbury ~Take 1
  3. Karen Kingsbury ~ Take 2

2010 ~ While I can’t remember everything that I have read this year this a general selection and the last few books that I have read.

  1. Richard Stearns ~ The Hole in Our Gospel
  2. Nicholas Sparks ~ The Notebook (re-read)
  3. Nicholas Sparks ~ Walk to Remember (re-read)
  4. Nicholas Sparks ~ Message in a Bottle (re-read)
  5. Deeanne Gist ~ Beguiled
  6. Deeanne Gist ~ Maid to Match
  7. Neta JacksonĀ ~ House of Hope Series (can’t wait for what I hope is final book to come out)
  8. Laura Jensen Walker ~ A Getaway Girls Novel series

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