More Ways to Organize

On Monday we talked about finding the best way to keep your family organized and not worrying if it doesn’t match someone else’s organizing system. For me it is lists like I mentioned, but I wanted to share with you my 2 favorite tools to keep this family of 2 on the same page.

We recently just bought new phones and I was able to get my first smart phone. (It was free! YAY!) I went to android to find some cool apps and happened along an app called COZI. It is basically an all in one family organizer. It has shopping lists, calendar, to-do lists, and a few other tools. The calendar can be organized for all family members or just for individuals and then it will send out reminders for events. The shopping list can be broken down into as many shopping lists as you want, for instance grocery, wholesale, depot, Ross/Kohls etc. To-do list is also handy as I no longer have sticky notes I’m always taking home from work trying to remember things. Now it can all be put into my phone. Plus when Hubby logs into our account on his phone now he has access and reminders as well. Sold him on this idea when I mentioned that if he is out with guys he no longer has to call/go home first to check his calendar for his next free time. Previously his calendar was me 🙂 All in all this is shaping up to be a really helpful tool to keep events and lists in one place!

The second program is called evernote. Quite honestly I’m still learning the full capacity of this program I just know that I LOVE it. It can be downloaded to your home computer and your phone, or just log on online to add a quick note. When you find a page you like you can copy it to evernote so you never lose that recipe or article. I can go in and write a list of blog ideas, blogs, movies or books I want to watch, WHATEVER YOU CAN THINK OF! Plus then you can tag your notes so later you can just search by tags. So I can just search by recipe and only my recipe’s will come up. Amazingly handy and it seems that every day I find a new use for this program. I’ve even been locking in pages for ideas for remodels we might try and do years down the road but I don’t want to forget a picture or idea!!!

Again these are just the programs that I have found that have helped this family become more organized and know what is going on. If you try them out and like/love them let me know. Do you have a program or app that you enjoy using…I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Wednesday folks….we’re halfway through the week!


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