Random Thoughts for Thursday

Ahh it is Thursday again and I have to admit I love these little random posts. It covers anything and everything and all the tidbits that go into every day life. This week has had some bit things happen.

  • First super excited to be picked for the project parade over at The Creative Crate blog. I linked up my homemade ice cream cake and it made the parade! YAY!!! You can see it right here!
  • I mentioned that we got new phones. I’m still learning how to use my little Comet but I love having a smart phone and found it so helpful I don’t know what took me so long to get one! Plus it can keep up for my Hubby’s fancy MyTouch4. 🙂 His screen is just bigger, oh well.
  • Discovered that any project is going to take twice as long as I thought in this house and am hoping that this weekend we can make progress organizing/decorating the office and finish the hallway. We’ll see how far we get.
  • Excited that this is day 4 of starting a workout plan with my friend. Different goals, but one purpose of growing a friendship and getting physically fit. Yeah baby!
  • And how about this for a random fact….Please tell me that someone else out there does this besides me, and no I don’t do this in public only at home. You get a delicious bowl of cookie dough ice cream or anything with delicious bites of chocolatey goodness and you want to save the “goodness” for last. Take a bite, suck off all the ice cream and proceed to spit the “goodness” back in the bowl to save for the end. Hubby laughs at me each and every time but it is so good to have a spoonful of all the yummy bites right at the end! Do you do that or anything similar????

So those are my random thoughts for Thursday….How is your week going??


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